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This store is a part of the planet5D empire – spreading the love of DSLR video across the universe!

The planet5D blog has been a staple of folks wanting to learn more about DSLR video since 2008 and we've finally moved into the world of training and ebooks.

With this evolution, we thought it time to consolidate all of the products that we recommend into one store. You may be directed to other planet5D sites if you select a product, or you may go to a vendor's site – but rest assured, the products you find here are recommended by planet5D.

about planetMitch:

Over the last five years, Mitch Aunger has become a leading authority in the world of HDSLR, writing over 2,000 articles and blog posts covering the latest cameras, software, and innovations in filmmaking for his blog, the highly influential planet5D.

Having interviewed over 40 of the most successful names in DSLR production — including Vincent Laforet, Shane Hurlbut, and Gale Tattersall — Mitch has perfected his ability to share the lessons he absorbs with professional filmmakers and casual shooters alike.